Daft Punk Tron Remixes

Ok, so we know I have seen the film and what my thoughts were on it from an early post this week, but that doesn’t mean the soundtrack wasn’t up to scratch, right?

In fact, after purchasing the special edition of Tron:Legacy I’m almost half tempted to watch the film again! Such stunning work from Thomas and Guy-Man, that you do wonder what direction their music will take. From acid house, techno, disco, funk, baroque and now a full blown 90 piece orchestra thrown into the pot, the limits to the boys creativity is only limited to their interest in pushing their boundaries again, after all, this is the 17th year these boys have been together, constantly evolving and catching their fans on the wrong foot with every album they release, do they still have the mojo for forward thinking? Well, listen to Tron: Legacy and you will hear the answer.

Now with this album for the bedroom producers/artists/studio dons out there to get their hands on, comes a slew of remixes of said album.

I have searched for the best efforts from across SoundCloud and bring them to your attention. Hope you enjoy people.

Daft not to ;)

Daft Punk – Derezzed (Viktor Rose extended mix) [Tron legancy] by Viktor Rose

Tron 2.0 – Part 1 – The Saga Continues (Collab. with Boyette) by Mokeacchino

Daft Punk – Track 2 – Tron Legacy – DJ DLG Lazor Legacy Mix by DJDLG

The Legacy of Tron – Part 1 – program.boot. by Mokeacchino

TRON Legacy Mindless Faith mix 12 MP3 by MindlessFaith

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